22 January 2012

trip to Colorado - the week before Christmas!

My travelers.....saftey first. They are such good passengers!

This was the first time we had seen the sun in over a week! It had been SO foggy for so long!! The boys also kept their eye open for Uncle Luke.

cute kids!

Grandma loading Colin up for the zipline!

To me, this looks like the perfect egg sitting in a little nest! :)

The boys' cousin.
Grandma Molzen

Uncle Herb

bombs away!

Uncle Herb towing the kids behind his big John Deere!!!

21 January 2012

Snow Day!!!

They haven't missed but 2 hours of school due to the snow, but they have been out playing for hours everyday AFTER school!!!! It's fun to see them playing and listening to them squeal with delight!!


Look at these delicious little faces!!!

Yes, we finally got a good amount of snow. I was just thinking, "man, i love this mild winter"......famous last words!!!!! :)

23 August 2011

so long with NO blogging

WE have been busy. SO busy. We have been having fun in the sun! Which leaves very little time to blog. But for all of you faithful followers.....a few pics from our recent travels...
 Celebrating Grandpa Molzen's 73rd birthday!!!
 President Lincoln statue at the Civil War Museum
 the "old" Molzen estate in Nothern Virginia!
 the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - changing of the guard
The Lincoln Memorial

06 June 2011

Trip to AZ to see Dimitri graduate!!!

 The proud grandparents
 GORGEOUS flowers in Arizona! I was told that there is always something in bloom! I want to live there!
 yummy lunch at In-N-Out Burger. My first trip.....totally delicious! Probably NOT so nutritious!

 YAH Dimitri!!
 MY Arizona family -  Eli, Queena, Mark, Dimitri & Darius

20 May 2011

Hot enough for....

...I C E   C R E A M ? ! ? !
Well, I suppose that it was in the 70's and the boys did ride their bikes all the way home from school (1.81 miles) AND most of the homeward journey is infact, UPhill!!! So yes, they got to make their own icecream after school!!! So delicious!!!

19 May 2011


Luke's tree has bloomed!!
I think this is the very latest his tree has ever bloomed. It usually is quite prompt and blooms right around his birthday!

* * *
And here are some pics of my little pansies. They are SO pretty. I love pansies.